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eduroam is a free service will allows users from participating institutions (mostly higher education) to get a wireless network connection at any other participating institution using the username and password from their home organisation.

With eduroam, the wireless network connection is provided by the local institution but the authentication request is forwarded to the user's home institution. It is your home site which decides whether you are granted access, not the site providing the network connection.

eduroam is a world-wide roaming access service. eduroam users from the UK can get network access at participating eduroam organisations abroad, and foreign visitors from eduroam sites will be able to get an network connection at any UK eduroam site.

The list of eduroam participating sites is available from eduroam - UK Site Location

The list of all eduroam participating sites is available from the eduroam web site

eduroam at the University of London for staff and students

eduroam is provided for visitors to the University; the wireless network uol-secure should be used by users from the University with a UNIVERSE account as this provides access to local computing resources such as network shares and email. However if you are planning to use eduroam while visiting another institution, you will need to configure your laptop for eduroam at the University of London and check it is working as the visited institution cannot sort out authentication problems for visitors. Please see the eduroam wireless confiduration for Windows XP below. 

Visitors to the University of London from other institutions

eduroam forwards authentication requests your home institution; so you should be able to get wireless network access at the University of London if your institution is a member of  eduroam. eduroam at the University of London is a wireless-only service; to use the service at the University of London, you will need a wireless network client that supports the authentication protocol used by your home site (usually PEAP or EAP/TTLS). These are supported by most up-to-date computer operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linux) and some smart phones. The wireless network has the standard name: eduroam.

We strongly recommend that you configure your laptop or other mobile device before visiting the University of London as support for authentication problems can only be provided by your home site.

University of London staff and students visiting other institutions 

When visiting other institutions, connect to the wireless network eduroam. If your laptop or mobile device is already configured to use eduroam (see above), it should connect automatically.

Please note the institution you are visiting is not responsible for sorting out authentication problems. In particular you should check your UNIVERSE password is not going to expire while you are away.