Green Statement

ULCC is an IT service provider and therefore it is second nature to us to ensure that the infrastructure and software we purchase is utilising power as efficiently as reasonably possible without affecting the service we provide to our customers. It just comes naturally to our staff.

Some of the actions we have taken are described below:

ULCC's Data Centre

  • The fire suppression system is Argonite, a non-CFC based gas system formed of Argon & Nitrogen and therefore not harmful to the environment
  • The refrigerant used within the air-conditioning units is local to each unit and water only is used between the units and the air coolers on the roof
  • The roof mounted air-coolers take advantage of free air cooling and therefore require no mechanical cooling during colder months reducing the overall power demand

Power efficiency

It is ULCC's policy that all PCs should be turned off when our staff leave the office. We are also using Windows group policy to automatically turn off PCs, wherever it is sensible to do so.

Use of PC & server virtualisation reduces power requirements within the suite as well as reducing the overall data centre footprint and the carbon cost is reduced due to requiring less servers

We are also moving to thin client devices wherever possible.


Whenever we are purchasing new hardware we take into considering the power efficiency of the equipment but also ensure that we meet our customer's needs.

The Office & Recycling

Within the office we are encouraging staff to print as little as possible and to create best practice procedures to ensure we are doing our best to save the planet.

All IT equipment is recycled at the end of its lifetime