ULCC has been providing IT services for over 40 years. Originally we served the University of London, then grew into a regional centre and later a national high performance computing centre.

Established in 1968, ULCC initially provided large scale CDC-based facilities, then from 1982 to 1991 a national Cray vector supercomputing service. Up until July 1996 our high performance computing facilities were centred on a Convex C3860.

Over the years we diversified into a range of other services, including microform, typesetting and training.

With the growth of networking, ULCC has remained at the forefront of network developments in the UK academic community and is now active at all levels - local, regional, national and international.

Data storage, preservation and dissemination have always been an important aspect of ULCC's services and the Digital Archives and Repositories team continues to work closely with the research community to help address those needs in a Web 2.0 world.

Other current and developing services are infrastructure hosting & management, web site development & hosting and e-learning advice & solutions.