ULCC Service Desk

The ULCC Service Desk is open 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday (GMT/BST), excluding bank holidays. Outside of these times, issues can be reported and will be dealt with at the start of the next working day. 

All calls to the ULCC Service Desk during opening hours will be answered by a member of staff. Otherwise you may leave a voicemail, and your call will be logged as soon as a member of staff is available. Please do not contact staff directly, as no responsibility can be taken for queries left on personal voicemail or email accounts.

The ULCC Service Desk is the main contact point for all of ULCC's Services and can be reached as follows:

Priorities, escalation & complaints

Unless contracted otherwise, ULCC operates to the following service levels, priorities and escalations.


  • Service failure, multiple users impacted
  • Response time: 4h
  • Escalation Level 1: At the end of initial response time
  • Escalation Level 2: 1 working day


  • Service issues affecting small number of users
  • Response time: 8h
  • Escalation Level 1: At the end of initial response time
  • Escalation Level 2: 2 working days


  • Minor service issue, i.e. information request, complaints
  • Response time: 5 working days
  • Escalation Level 1: At the end of initial response time
  • Escalation Level 2: 7 working day

Resolution times are dependent upon the nature of the issue raised and change control processes. Where third party assistance is required resolution times may be longer.

Call Escalation

In the event that the response times listed above are not met, ULCC will escalate the problem internally. Level 1 escalation will occur at the end of the period allowed for an initial response and the issue will be escalated to the appropriate ULCC Service Delivery Manager. Customers can also raise the reported issue for escalation by contacting the Service Desk.

Level 2 escalation will occur after a further time period dependent upon call priority as defined in the table above. Level 2 escalation will be to the Head of Department and Director of ULCC.


If the customer is not satisfied with ULCC's response or any other aspect of the provided service, a complaint may be raised. Complaints should be reported to the ULCC Service Desk where they will be logged and referred to a member of the ULCC Senior Management Team.

Service Abuse

If you wish report service abuse, such as phishing or SPAM emails, network probing, etc please contact the Service Desk as detailed above. 

Please ensure you include full email headers for email related issues, any log files, IP addresses and URL details along with any other pertinent information to allow the support teams to diagnose the issue and take action where required.