Co-location Hosting

Bodes e.HR specialise in the development of software solutions to build ‘intelligent HR’ into HR and payroll systems.

A technologically advanced solution such as e.HR requires a complex hosting infrastructure to meet the growing demands from their customers, while also providing the high levels of customer service that their clients expect.

As hosting is not their core business and would be prohibitively expensive to manage internally, Bodes made the decision to review externally managed hosting solutions.

The solution

After an extensive review of potential hosting providers to host their live services, such as web and email, Bodes selected ULCC’s Co-Location hosting service for several reasons.

Firstly, ULCC demonstrated a robust and professional service that enabled Bodes e.HR to “outsource to professionals at costs effective levels”.

Additionally, the rack hosting solution offered gave them the peace of mind for their infrastructure, value for money and the coverage they needed at a cost that was lower than many of the other offerings available on the market.


After selecting ULCC’s for their hosting needs, the solution offered provided Bodes e.HR with the following benefits:

  • Value for money 
  • Professional Service
  • Provides a minimum 99% service availability for half the cost of many of the other solutions investigated
  • Ability to easily expand their hosting solution as their requirement grows
  • Dual UPS, separate power feeds and generator coverage to provide protection from power source failures or power surges
We would work with ULCC again and would not hesitate to recommend ULCC services.
Stu Scott-Davies, Bodes e.HR