Digital Preservation Training in Ireland

Developing the necessary skills and knowledge for digital preservation in Ireland

The mission of the National Library of Ireland is to collect, preserve, promote and make accessible documents and records of the life of Ireland.  It was established by the Dublin Science and Art Museum Act, 1877.


Before the Digital Preservation Training Programme (DPTP), the National Library of Ireland recognised that it needed to deal with the challenges presented by the collection and preservation of digital content including digitised materialThere was a great need to provide staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the challenges facing them.


Due to the influx of positive testimonies from members of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) about ULCC, the National Library of Ireland approached ULCC’s DPTP team to ask about in-house training.


Recognising the shared challenge facing many other institutions, the National Library of Ireland and ULCC opened up the training programme for other establishments in the community. Allowing institutions such as the University of Limerick Library, Guinness Archive and the RoyalIrishAcademy to benefit from the 3 day course.

The personalisation of the course included scenarios which Irish institutions could easily relate to. ULCC’s team of experts was able to cater to the needs of attendees, bringing people with a variety of different digital preservation knowledge to a shared level of understanding.

The Assistant Keeper and Digital Programme Manager at the National Library of Ireland, Della Murphy, states “It was a great opportunity to meet with people working in similar organisations and getting an insight into the type of issues they were facing (often the same as our own) and how they planned to deal with them”.


Course attendees are now better informed about  digital preservation and the long and short term benefits it holds.  DPTP is a great bite size course for institutions who want to gain the knowledge and skills surrounding digital preservation. “ULCC ‘s Digital Preservation Training Programme was very well presented and was pitched appropriately for an organisation like ours, starting out on the digital preservation journey” states Murphy.