Hosting 3million Moodle registered users

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Tuesday 11th November 2014

London, UK: The University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) is pleased to announce another milestone in its Learning & Teaching division, which now supports over 3 million registered users across the UK.

ULCC hosts and supports Virtual Learning Environments for over 150 Higher and Further Education institutions including LeSoCo, College of West Anglia, Glyndwr University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of London International Academy representing a substantial proportion of both the further and higher education sector.

With virtual learning environments now commonplace in FE and HE, their importance on student satisfaction is becoming ever apparent; making it a mission critical IT system for most institutions. Manchester Metropolitan University for example recorded in excess of 50 million hits on its VLE (MyMMU) in the 2013/14 academic year, with an additional 30 million hits on its web services which make VLE and other related information available on mobile devices and apps.

Moodle success at ULCC

ULCC has enjoyed continued growth since Hackney Community College became its very first Hosted Moodle customer in 2005.

In response to the needs of the community, ULCC continues to develop plug-ins and extensions to expand its Learning & Teaching Services beyond the provision of Hosted VLEs.

With over 150 Hosted Moodle customers, Richard Maccabee, Director of ULCC states that “Providing a Hosted Moodle Service which is able to support over 3 million registered users across 150 different institutions in the UK is an incredible triumph for ULCC. We have developed as a service provider, improving our Learning and Teaching service management through changes to our business structure and the centralisation of the Service Desk. Looking to the future, ULCC will continue to use its unique position, as an in-sector provider, to deliver the services needed to support staff and students within the community.”

Looking ahead

Shared Services and the benefit to the community are at the core of ULCC’s services to the UK education sector. Since its inception as the first national provider of shared supercomputing facilities in the 70s, ULCC has continued to be at the core of the UK’s education IT infrastructure provision.

ULCC’s strategic partnerships with market leaders in mobile (campusM), repositories (Mahara, EQUELLA) and lecture capture (Echo360, Mediasite) play a key role in allowing ULCC to offer integrated learning technology solutions to the UK education sector. Together with its current and future partnerships, ULCC is ready to meet the growing and ever changing needs of the education community.