JANET Connectivity

ULCC offers cost effective sponsored connections to the national academic network, JANET. Sponsored Connections can be offered on a national and, in certain cases, international basis using MPLS or DSL technology.

Why use a ULCC Sponsored Connection?

ULCC's MPLS infrastructure can dramatically reduce the distance related costs of traditional point to point leased lines.

ULCC's DSL technology can provide an even more cost effective option. This can also be employed as a "back up" connection to the more traditional leased line. A, full spectrum of DSL from uncontended SDSL through to contended ADSL, can be provided.

What is JANET?

JANET is a publicly funded network dedicated to the needs of education and research in the UK. It connects the UK's education and research organisations to each other, as well as to the rest of the world through links to the global Internet. In addition, JANET includes a separate network that is available to the community for experimental activities in network development.

The JANET network connects UK universities, FE Colleges, Research Councils, Specialist Colleges and Adult and Community Learning providers. It also provides connections between the Regional Broadband Consortia to facilitate the DfES initiative for a national schools' network. Over 18 million end-users are currently served by the JANET network.

Government policy defines those institutions which are automatically offered connection to JANET. There are a large body of organisations which, while ineligible for a direct connection, are eligible for an indirect "sponsored" connection. ULCC offers a sponsored connection service to the JANET network for such organisations. Currently ULCC provides sponsored connections to private colleges, the London campuses of several American Universities and other academic-related research institutions.

All sponsored connections must meet certain eligibility criteria, adhere to the JANET acceptable use policy and connection is subject to an application process.
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Case Studies

American University of Beirut

American University of Beirut logo
The American University of Beirut (AUB) has been awarded a grant from the European Union Tempus Programme to fund the development of a professional diploma program for green technologies in Lebanon and Egypt, entitled PRO-GREEN-Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies.
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Royal College of Midwives

With approximately 45,000 members (90% of all UK midwives), the RCM provide workplace advice, support, guidance, information and learning opportunities through a broad range of events, conference and online resources. As an organisation run by and for midwives and maternity support workers they now provide greater access to continuing professional...
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University of East London

UEL Logo
Following the announcement of new data polices, the University of East London (UEL) looked to ULCC with their wealth of expertise, to develop an EPrints repository which could meet the needs of the university.
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