Managed Networking

Achieve cost savings and improve the efficiency of your business networks with ULCC's Managed Network Services.

ULCC is a centre of excellence for networking and has designed, built and operated large national and international packet networks for over 20 years. ULCC currently manages a range of network services nationally providing cost effective secure connectivity to the education and wider public sector communities.

Internet Connectivity

ULCC can provide internet connectivity ranging from 2Mbps thorough to 100Mbps.

  • We listen to our customers - we will take the time to discuss the best option for you 
  • MPLS infrastructure - this allows internet connectivity nationally to our network and out onto the internet
  • Unlimited access with no download limits - no download caps
  • Highly skilled support team - Speak directly to a specialist network engineer during regular office hours
  • Online usage reports - access traffic summaries
  • All support queries are ticketed and tracked to completion
  • Best price sourced from market - we are not tied to one specific provider and will search the market for the best price for you
  • Whole installation process project managed by ULCC - just sit back and let us take care of the whole installation procedure

Wireless Connectivity

Provide secure mobile internet connectivity to students and staff with ULCC's range of wireless solutions.

ULCC has in depth experience of installing "open access" wireless connectivity for organisations. Expert guidance is available to help select the right solution for an organisation and to ensure that it is implemented with the appropriate security levels to prevent unauthorised use of the connectivity.

Student Wide Area Network Management

ULCC has in depth experience of developing and supporting the wide area network connecting the 7 Student Halls of Residence managed by the central University of London.

This network provides access to JANET from the University of London Halls of Residence, for the furtherance of the residents' academic work. Reasonable personal use is also permitted. The network also provides access to the central University of London corporate systems for administrative staff based in the halls. Appropriate security has been implemented to prevent unauthorised student access to the corporate systems.

The network extends across eight locations, mostly in the Bloomsbury area:

  • Canterbury Hall
  • College Hall
  • Commonwealth Hall
  • Hughes Parry Hall
  • International Hall
  • Lillian Penson Hall
  • Nutford House

Wireless access is currently not provided, but the funding for this will probably be available in the next year. There are ca. 3,000 residents, with ca 1,000 active on the network concurrently during the evenings. Support is provided for network connection but students are expected to provide their own PCs. Limited advice is provided on the software configuration that is required to achieve a connection.

The key challenges with this form of wide area network are:

  • Ensuring operational viability
  • Allowing connectivity by "any" PC
  • Minimal usage restriction whilst ensuring legal compliance and preventing network abuse
  • Rapid detection and management of individuals who do abuse the network.

Since taking over the operational management of the network ULCC has delivered a service that has improved considerably while costs have been kept under control. The cost per student appears to be significantly less than other institutions have been able to achieve.

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