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E-portfolios, like VLEs, are becoming a core part of supporting the delivery of teaching and learning. The DFES Strategy strongly encourages institutions to provide learners with a personal space for their lifelong learning process.

Ruth Kelly, when Secretary of State for Education, states in the DFES e-Strategy:

"I am particularly excited by the idea of giving every student and learner a personal online learning space where they can store their own course materials and assignments in digital form, and record their achievements."

ULCC's e-Portfolio Service

After an extensive evaluation of available e-Portfolios on the market, Mahara was chosen for its suitability and fitness for purpose. We have recently been appointed as the UK Partner for Mahara and will take a significant role in future developments of Mahara to ensure that it meets the needs of the UK education community.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • A fully managed and supported Mahara service
  • Expertise and experience with Open Source technology
  • A large customer base and community of practitioners
  • Scalability to support large numbers of users as well as large storage spaces for individuals
  • Help if you need to host Mahara in-house
  • Consultancy and training.

Our pricing structure enables flexibility and cost effectiveness at the same time. Choose the service level you want and rather than getting charged for individual users you only pay for the hosting space needed; no licence costs involved.

We are also able to customize according to your needs and implement with existing VLE platforms (including Blackboard, WebCT, Fronter, etc.)

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Case Studies

American University of Beirut

American University of Beirut logo
The American University of Beirut (AUB) has been awarded a grant from the European Union Tempus Programme to fund the development of a professional diploma program for green technologies in Lebanon and Egypt, entitled PRO-GREEN-Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies.
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Royal College of Midwives

With approximately 45,000 members (90% of all UK midwives), the RCM provide workplace advice, support, guidance, information and learning opportunities through a broad range of events, conference and online resources. As an organisation run by and for midwives and maternity support workers they now provide greater access to continuing professional...
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University of East London

UEL Logo
Following the announcement of new data polices, the University of East London (UEL) looked to ULCC with their wealth of expertise, to develop an EPrints repository which could meet the needs of the university.
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